STC 5 Minute Films: Lockdown 2021

Mrs West's marvellous music film

Mrs West, who teaches music in Y3 and Y4, has made us this marvellous film to enjoy. Perfect for a sunny day.

Cup Ceramics 3/3

Finally, enjoy decorating your design.

Cup Ceramics Film 2/3

How to make your design

Cup Ceramics share a brilliant art activity with you

This film introduces Cup Ceramics and their art idea. 2 more to follow to explain each step.

Our fantastic Police and Safer Neighbourhood team

Charlotte, our local, PSCO tells us all about her job and how the Police work with us to keep our community safe.

Up on the farm!

We are nearly entering Spring time and Mrs Thomas has made a short film to show us how farmers make sure that lambs, which will soon be born, are growing, safe and healthy. Mrs Thomas is Miss Thomas' mum and also used to teach Class 1, at St Thomas!

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